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Ultimate Popcorn Starter Pack


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Everything you need to make delicious popcorn at home!


  •  2lb Big & Yellow Popcorn Kernels - pop into large, crunchy popcorn that is absolutely delicious and a top favourite.

  • 2lb Tender & White Popcorn Kernels - is for those who prefer a smaller-sized popcorn which is again a crowd favourite!

  • Buttery Popcorn Topping - For a burst of buttery flavour.

  • Movie Theater Seasoning - Take a trip down memory lane with this delicious buttery, salty seasoning to sprinkle on your homemade popcorn. Our classic variety gives you the taste, smell, and colour of popcorn that vendors sell at movie theatres.

  • Zesty Cheddar Seasoning - Love a cheesy twist? Our classic nacho-inspired seasoning is a delightful snack that you can enjoy with your favourite beverages on game night, movie night, and any other time when you feel peckish! 

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