Walt’s Special Blue Popcorn

Walt’s Special Blue Popcorn

Many people are familiar with the very popular “product” Walter White created on the show Breaking Bad. But did you also know that he also came up with a killer popcorn recipe as well?

Inspired by Walt’s “special blue” product, this popcorn isn’t illegal, but you may find yourself craving it on a regular basis.

For this recipe, we use our unique Sweet Baby Blue kernels. These blue kernels pop into a tender, brilliant white popcorn that is medium in size.  You may pick up a slightly sweet taste particular to this variety of popcorn. 

And to round out its flavour, a sprinkling of Bring Home The Bacon seasoning adds a savoury bacon taste that will keep you grabbing handful after handful. 

Here’s what you need:

Start by pre-heating your Whirley Pop up to medium to medium-high heat – perhaps 75% of maximum heat. 

Add your oil and kernels to the pot and then close the lid.  Start turning the handle.
In about 3 minutes the kernels will be popping like crazy. Remove the Whirley Pop from the element as soon as the popping slows down to just a few pops.

Pour popcorn into a bowl. 
Add your Buttery Topping (or melted butter) and Bacon seasoning in layers so that you get even distribution throughout your batch. Pour on a layer of buttery topping, then sprinkle with some Bacon seasoning and give the bowl popcorn a stir with a knife. Pour on a little more topping and Bacon seasoning and give it another stir. Do this three times or so and you’re good to go!

Let your Whirley Pop cool completely, and then simply wipe it out clean with a paper towel. It’s now ready for your next popcorn craving!

Posted by Chris