5 Green Popcorn Treats For Saint Patrick’s Day

5 Green Popcorn Treats For Saint Patrick’s Day

Like every year, March 17 will once again be an occasion for people all over the world to celebrate everything Irish. The tradition dates as far back as the 18th century, where it began as a religious feast day in honour of Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. In time, Saint Patrick’s Day has evolved into a cultural celebration, where everyone is welcome to join in with costumes, parades, special foods and lots of green!

Because it has become traditional to not only wear green shamrocks, but also consume green foods and beverages, Saint Patrick’s Day is a good opportunity to experiment in the kitchen. Turning familiar foods into unusual green snacks also has the potential to be very entertaining for children, and can be part of an Irish themed day with your family.

To help you have a memorable Saint Patrick’s Day this year, the CornPopper team has rounded up our favourite online recipes for green popcorn snacks that will impress your guests, be fun to prepare and most importantly: taste amazing!


1 – Our absolute favourite: this Green Popcorn and Pretzel Party Mix looks as good as it tastes! Full disclosure, this recipe does have quite a few steps and might be a little longer to prepare than the rest of this list, but the resulting sweet and salty, colourful mix is way worth the effort.

2 – Best to make with the kids: these adorable Green Popcorn Balls presented on ice cream cones! These can be made with or without a mint flavour, according to your preferences.

3 – This glorious Chocolate Mint Popcorn is just the right balance of fresh and sweet flavours:

4 – And how could we not included a leprechaun-themed treat: give a try to this Lucky Charms and White Chocolate Popcorn! We particularly like the cute mini rainbow marshmallows. 

5 – Sweet and Crunchy, this Green Candied Popcorn is easy to prepare and loved by everyone! 

Tell us, what is your family’s favourite treat? Do you have traditions of your own?

We hope you enjoy these recipes and wish you a great Saint Paddy’s Day! 

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