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How do I choose which Whirley Pop to buy?

Red Whirley PopUnderstand your Whirley Pop options and choose the one that’s right for you with this handy guide.

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Flavacol: The Secret Ingredient in Movie Theatre Popcorn
If you’ve ever been on a quest to reproduce the taste of perfect movie theatre popcorn, you’ve probably stumbled upon Flavacol while researching the required ingredients. (And if you are still looking for the ultimate movie theatre popcorn recipe, click here!). Used primarily by movie theatres, this popcorn seasoning is still mostly unknown by the public, and is usually sold in bulk for use in commercial-sized popcorn makers. But you can buy your own carton of this “secret ingredient” from us at CornPopper.ca! What is Flavacol? Flavacol is a butter flavoured seasoning salt manufacture..
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Your Whirley Pop: care and use
If you still don’t have a Whirley Pop popcorn popper, what are you waiting for? Check out this blog article for help on choosing the Whirley Pop that’s right for you. If you’ve already got a Whirley Pop in your kitchen, this information should help you get the most out of it and pop the most delicious popcorn for years to come! Let’s start at the beginning… your Whirley Pop is either an aluminum or stainless steel pot with either nylon or metal gears. Remember, if you have an induction type stove, you’ll need the Stainless Steel Whirley Pop. For all other stove types, the aluminum or sta..
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