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Flavacol Theater Popcorn Salt


Pop perfect movie theatre popcorn with this "secret" ingredient!

Used primarily by movie theatres, this popcorn seasoning is still mostly unknown by the public, and is usually sold in bulk for use in commercial-sized popcorn makers. 

When using Flavacol to make movie theatre popcorn at home, you will find that a small amount goes a long way. Half a teaspoon added directly to your Whirley Pop stovetop popper or electric popcorn popper before popping is all it takes to give your entire popcorn batch that famous salty and buttery taste.

A carton of Flavacol will typically last a very long time. If using a Whirley Pop popcorn popper, or any 4oz popper, you can make over 250 batches of popcorn with one carton! Many popcorn lovers have noticed they use less butter on their popcorn when using Flavacol, because the popcorn already has a pleasant buttery taste. Hence, Flavacol can, if used sparingly, contribute to preparing a healthier batch of popcorn.

992g (35oz) carton

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